Godaddy hosted exchange validating mx record

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Simply replace the The first step in routing your mail to a third party is the obtain the MX records that party wants you to use. Google would provide you with a list of MX records to enter in.This must be entered correctly for the email to function properly: Note!You are free to use a different mail server but still host your website with In Motion Hosting.

For example, if you set a priority 11 to a mx record, it will not deliver there unless all lower number records fail.This means you can only use Gmail, or In Motion Webmail, but not both.Thank you, John-Paul Hi Guys, In order to pass SPF authentication with DMARC when using Amazon SES to send email, you need to create a FROM MAIL Domain and add an SPF and MX entry to DNS. I looked at the link you provided, and it can be accomplished with the above guide.If you want to check your current MX records for review or troubleshooting, you may view them via the Zone Editor in the c Panel.The MX records were previously available through the email section, but this option has now been moved to the DNS Zone editor within the update version of c Panel.

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