Define accommodating in conflict

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Each of us has characteristics inherent in our personality style that reflect our unique wants, needs, and values.

However, it does not have the win-win element of collaboration.

Instead, compromising involves an element of accommodation, in that everyone who is involved gives up part of what they want and an element of competition, in that everyone gets part of what they want.

Other people choose to use one approach for all conflicts regardless of varying factors or relationships.

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This is often done for the purpose of 'keeping the peace' or maintaining harmony.

It assumes that the only way that you can get your goals is to 'win' while the other person (or people) involved must lose.

When you use this approach, the focus is on pursuing your goals at the expense of others.

While accommodating isn't an appropriate approach in all situations, there are sometimes that it is a good course of action.

As a conflict management strategy, competition is a win-lose approach in which conflict is viewed as a struggle.

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