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In other words, don’t wait for your Heavenly Father to write the name of the person you are to marry on your kitchen wall or to deliver him or her to your front door.Instead, be a little more proactive and seek someone you like, someone who is worthy, and someone who inspires you to be a better person.The Spirit will guide you but won’t do the courting or make the choice for you.Those of you who are married will agree that this Cinderella mentality of “If I marry the right person, we will live happily ever after” fails to prepare couples for married life.It appears almost all of you have the appropriate goal; it seems that it is the implementation that falls a little short.I am confident that each of you has a copy of the proclamation on the family.They see each other across the Marriott Center parking lot, and it is love at first sight. But then I add that I knew all of my sisters in the premortal existence, and no matter who I married, she would be an acquaintance.

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I admit there may be rare cases where two people covenanted in the premortal existence to find each other and marry in this life.

Today I want to share with those of you who are single some of the appropriate ways to establish an eternal relationship.

For those of you who are married, these suggestions will assist you in nurturing a strong marriage.

This morning I will mingle a little social science with the scriptures—revelation with the best research and sound reason.

I have five suggestions that I want to share with you today to assist in establishing and strengthening a celestial marriage.

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